“Remarkable subtlety in his production of sound.”

-Toronto Star

“Michael Bridge is a wizard of the accordion.”

-CBC Music

“Bridge triumphs technically and musically in all styles in his debut solo album.”

-Whole Note

Michael Bridge with Orchestra

"I’m amazed at what [Bridge] does with this instrument, I find it totally baffling!”- Keith Lockhart, conductor,Boston Pops Orchestra

Michael Bridge was s stellar soloist with the Edmonton Symphony. His spoken introductions were interesting and informative, and his performances provoked rapturous ovations. He’s an eloquent and enthusiastic champion of both the accordion and new music, and we’re delighted our audience had the opportunity to experience his consummate artistry. - Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

“What an impressive artist! Michael achieves an awe-inspiring level of virtuosity on the accordion. His performances are done with musicianship, style and flair that are second to none.”-Marco Parisotto, conductor, Ontario Philharmonic

"A virtuosic technique, outstanding musicianship and an infectious passion for the accordion...”-Glenn Klassen, conductor, Lethbridge Symphony Orchestra

“I believe I’ve had the best perspective of Michael’s brilliance on stage. As host of a stage show we were a part of in Koerner Hall, I was backstage while Michael began performing. I had a view of him on-stage and of the audience through the backstage producer’s multiple televisions. The band that was to follow Michael stood behind me. As Michael began to play, I saw the audience’s backs straighten while they moved to the edge of their seats. I heard the band stirring behind me, looking for a better view of Michael on stage, questioning how one person could produce such an explosion of wonderful sound. I would later witness thundering applause from both the audience and those backstage. It was an experience none of us will ever forget!”-Jeff Samut, Sirius XM Radio

“I’d heard a lot about him. The talk is huge across the country. He is a flamboyant genius.”-Barrie Concerts

"Michael has been an excellent ambassador for our program… People talk about Michael after seeing him perform! His impact on an audience is unanimously expressed via standing ovations…He really is one of those rare must-see performers.”-Scott Henderson, Stampede Talent Search

“Bridge Makes Accordion Cool. [He] has the uncanny ability to turn disbelievers into staunch supporters after one performance of a Bach or Mozart classic.”-Airdie Echo

Michael Bridge 2010-2020